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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Atlantica:How to attacks on Bosses

This is a discussion about AoE vs Regular Attacks on Bosses in Atlantica.It's true different bosses have different mdef, but if there's one thing consistent, def will always be going up, up, up. lets take an example.

sekhmet - boss from necropolis, lvl 80 main ring questline. Was doing that a 2nd time then. Yes, I soloed & won.

my axe(M) had osiris+2, does approx 200+ dmg per hit, freeze axe does somewhere around 300+dmg per round.

VERDICT - I might as well atk and hope for multi-hit. However, if I have loads of magic-using mercs. the mdef debuff can come in handy. Its sorta toss-up. In the end, I went freeze axe fyi.

Exo had dark knight+3, does less than 100dmg per hit - but mana burn, surprisingly does abt 500+dmg on sekhmet. I tested this & I was like O.o omg

VERDICT - magic over regular atk. trust me, I'm still very surprised, but it works.

witch meteor still does 1k+ dmg on him, and witch hits him for teeny dmg, somewhere around exo (maybe its the anu+2, and she's higher lvl too)

VERDICT - meteor ftw!

spear does dmg a little more than axe(M), with osiris+3. lightning spear does 400+dmg to him.

VERDICT - sekhmet seems to never run outta AP. I dunno, but that seems the case for me, so I vote regular atks

Beastmaster does slightly lower than axe(M), beast summon does lower than 100 (cuze I had beast summon at only lvl 20 then)

VERDICT - regular hits.

the above is just an example. The issue is, sometimes, deposit your Atlantica gold, and go alternate between magic & normal attack to see how works best. You'll likely die during this "testing" against boss, but the next time you take him on, you know how works better, and can formulate a decent strat to take revenge.

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