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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Atlantica Teleportation System

Atlantica Teleportation System

This is a great system for when you need to get somewhere fast or you just don’t want to watch your characters legs for minutes at a time. Although this feature is great you must have visited the area or town that you want to teleport to previously. If you gring a little bit in the place your supposed to be for your level you will unlock most of these places making completing your quests for that towna breeze. A really nice option is also that you can teleport to a friend!

You can teleport if you have enough Will to do so…

Atlantica Teleportation System

If you have run out of your teleport license or don’t have any left from quests you have the option to use the Travel Agency which costs Will and some gold. You are limited to the areas you can teleport as you cannot teleport to your group or friends.

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