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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Atlantica Marksburg Guide

Welcome to my blog about Atlantica Guide ,This guide is about Atlantica Marksburg Guide,I hope you can give me some suggest:)

First of all, you should at least be 90 to combat the mobs and lvl 100 to face against the Crazy Lord.

That being said Marksburg is essentially a gauntlet of many many mobs packed together and it's a near guarantee that they will reinforce. This means you should pack a lot of foods and spam them after every battle because you may end up getting aggro'ed few seconds after the battle. To reduce this risk, try to clear out the area near the entrance so any casualty can get back into the area without being swarmed. Anyhow here are the floors you will face.

Floor 1


Heavy Infantry- Standard Sword mobs. Fairly tough. You will see these guys often at all floors

Veteran Sniper- Does decent damage, moreso since it can hit the vulnerable back ranks. Be sure to kill them if they are hurt because they can use Fatal Shot.

Palace Guard- Normal Mob with an axe pattern attack.

Floor 2


Thorn Jester- They summon catapults. Those siege machines (well demons) can potentially wreck havok on your formation with stuns if left out too long.

Sad Clown- They resurrect. Try to take these guys out first. If they do res a mob, then take it back down after they are done being stunned.

Laughing Clown- They use Hell Flame. Potentially annoying but not as big as a threat level

Floor 3


Luxurious Clock- Deadly Shot. Target these last if you cannot finish them. Otherwise kill them if you struck them.

Grandfather Clock- Summon Beast (clock). Does some damage but as long as you don't get a bunch of them on one formation, it shouldn't be too much problem

Marble Clock- Uses mana Drain. Pretty annoying as they will leave your front liner manaless and that's also extra seconds that you need to food up.

Floor 4


Grand Sorceress-
Flame Blow. An AoE. Can get pretty nasty if you let them cast too much.

Magician Apprentice-
Freeze Axe. Make sure to Holy Guard your front line. Lower mdef makes their companions hurt a lot more.

Hidden Sorceror- Judgement Bolt. These guys's magic HURT!. If you have an exo, seal these guys. Otherwise target them at turn 3 fast.

Floor 5


White Knight- Summons Ballista. The machines does decent damage but only two target in a spear pattern.

Swan Knight- Spear pattern attack and can cast Seth's Will. Can make a fight potentially nasty.

Iron Knight- Uses Mana Seal. Fortunately you can cast mana trap before they can seal, though meteor is going to be delayed.

Floor 6


Boss [Crazy Lord]

First of all, he's flying so skill and range/staff only. Keep your main out of the front line as he can potentially kill you in one round from full HP if he gets a combo. He either attacks in a row or uses magic to deal damage in a column.

Items sought for the Guild Dungeon.

Crazy Lord's Seal- Used to craft conqueror equipments.

Final words.

Remember. Everyone needs to go in at the floor at once. Once you do try to move forward a bit, not too much that you will draw aggro. The reason is to keep the gate as less swarmed as possible. The most important thing is to stay together. Separating means you are going to get mobbed, isolated and chewed alive and not many can come assist because they are busy as well (of course this doesn't apply if you can solo them). Happy hunting

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