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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Atlantica Class guide

1. Player character


The Swordsman has the best survivability of all classes, which makes him the natural tank class. His attack is rather strong, but it can only affect a single non-flying target in the front row, so he should not be solely relied upon for offense. The Swordsman's basic magic skill, Flame Sword, attacks one enemy for a greater amount of damage.


The Spearman can attack a single non-flying foe in the front row. If there is another foe in the same column directly behind the target, that foe also receives damage, although half of the original target. The Spearman's basic magic skill, Lightning Spear, attacks two foes in a line for greater damage and slows them. At higher upgrade level, Lightning Spear hits up to 3 targets in the column. Aside from the damage from Lightning Spear, it's greatest strength is that it actually removes action points from the receiving targets.


The slow-moving Viking can attack a single target in the front row. If that target has one or two neighbors in the same row, then those also take some damage. This character has many hit points but low defense, especially versus magic - but this weakness is made up via high magic defense gear that is only usable by the main character. This is one of the primary reasons why the Axe is by far the most popular choice of main character. Because they are so much better than their mercenary counterpart. The Viking's basic magic skill, Freezing Axe, can freeze an entire row of enemies for two turns (depending on level).


Despite bonuses to evasion, this character's low health make it unsuitable for the front line. It is a potent counter for enemy spell casters though, as the powerful single-target attack can reach every foe, regardless of its position in the enemy ranks. The Archer's basic magic skill, Silence, prevents the enemy from using magic.


The Gunner wields a gun and carries rather low protection. This character can damage an entire column of foes, with foes in the front absorbing taking most of the damage and half damage to the two behind. The Gunner's basic magic skill, Wild Shot, shoots especially powerful bullets at a column of enemies and deals greater damage.


The Artilleryman is armed with a hand-held cannon. Its standard attack damages a cross-shaped area, dealing a low amount of damage. The Artilleryman's basic magic skill, Deep Insight, inflicts damage over an area and enables him to see his foe's remaining hit points. One important thing to notice is that even through the Artilleryman is a ranged unit, they cannot damage flying enemies.


The Shaman has both healing and damaging skills to support the party. Due to low health and defense, this character is best placed away from the front line. The Shaman's basic magic spell, Blessing of Life, heals her fellow mercenaries. The skill that makes the Staff shine is the main-character-only skill: Evanescent Scud. It does a very large amount of damage to everyone on opposing team and has a low cooldown period.


The Musician has mostly ranged skills. This is a new type of character introduced with a recent patch. Its basic attack affects a column of enemy mobs but the class also has the ability to cast spells with various offensive effects.

Power saw

The Power saw character uses a power saw. This is a new type of character introduced with a recent patch. You have to have at least one playable character that has a level of 100 or over to be able to create a new character which uses this weapon.

2. Mercenaries

Mercenary classes include the following:

Sword: Swordsman, Exorcist, Lady Knight, Sailor

Staff: Shaman, Monk, Oracle, Witch, Princess, Elementalist

Axe: Viking, Beast Trainer

Spear: Spearman, Spartan

Gun: Gunner, Inventor, Janissary

Cannon: Artilleryman, Cannoneer

As with player characters, the weapon determines the basic attack. Additionally, the sub-classes differ in the distribution of attributes and available magic skills.

Atlantica Online Guild Guide

You can make a guild at level 20. (Guild Office on any town) pay 50k (Put a name that people are going to like)

1. Recruiting: you can invite by clicking on the community scroll and then guild a invite with a space for the name of player you would like to invite.

2. Leveling your Guild: Your guild will level up as you do guild quest and other factors as getting experience and guild crafting.

3. Officers: you can have officers up to 5 and one Chief Officer you gain access to this every 5 levels and at 20 you get Chief Officer.
Officers can do guild craft, take from guild craft and also recruit by inviting, Chief can do all this plus withdraw.

4. Level 20 you can start having guild meetings, Guild meetings are no other than meeting at specific time specific place all the people from guild . That meet there will receive 1 friendship box every 10 minutes for the hour period that the meeting. So 6 Max.

5. Level 30 you can start a Nation

6. Level 50 you start getting buffs from guild.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Raising Atlantica online' s skill

As tempting as it may be to try to teach your Hero and Merc's every skill available to them. It's not a really good idea for two reasons.

1) Mana. In the cast of the Monks protection spell. That is auto cast at the start of your turn. The higher in level it is the more mana it eats. Meaning you'll be sitting alot or chugging alot of MP potions.

2) Deluded Characters. You get 1 skill point per level. Teaching and raising skills causes them all to be rather weak. As you are spreading points between skills instead of focusing it into one. So where as my Swordsman lvl 40 Flame Sword is doing 480 dmg. Your Swordsman lvl 28 Flame Sword is doing 200 dmg. Because you dumped the rest of your points into DarkSeed and Guard Dispel. Stay Focused, and plan ahead. The books to remove skills points are expensive, and they only remove one point at time.

Have a good day in game...

The tactical battle of Atlantica online

1.When a player character and an enemy character come into contact with each other on the game map, both parties are transported into a miniature instance where the battle takes place. For outside players, the involved parties appear as stationary, with a symbol floating over the combatants' heads to indicate combat. In this state, both parties, computer-controlled foes as well as human players, can receive assistance from up to two additional allied parties that can enter the battle at any time. This can lead to large battles of up to 27 monsters versus 27 heroes (3 players, 24 mercenaries).

2.The game is classically turn-based in that only one side can take action at a time and those actions take immediate effect. However, each character also has a certain speed represented by action points; that means that slower characters may have to skip some turns to reach a threshold value of action points while fast-moving characters have to skip fewer turns or none at all. Additionally, magic effects can also modify the amount of action points a character has to allow fine-grained control of speed effects. Each party can never have more than 5 characters act during a turn, even if more than 5 characters have sufficient action points.

3.The characters of each party are positioned on a 3x3 grid. Positioning the characters is an important decision, because different weapons and skills have different attack patterns. The player can change the position of his/her characters during a battle if desired.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Role of the Artilleryman

The Artilleryman in atlantica essentially has one overall function in a player's party. This is to deal out area-of-effect damage. Additionally, the Artilleryman can fire upon any unit at all in the enemy's formation, which gives the class a bit of a sniper role as well.

If there is a wounded opponent in the rear ranks of an enemy's formation, the artilleryman can oftentimes do a great job of finishing them off.

In your own formation, you're going to want to have your Artilleryman in the back ranks, protected by melee mercenaries or other tougher mercenaries.

Even a Monk or a Shaman can oftentimes tank more successfully than an Artilleryman. Ranged mercs are simply quite weak when it comes to staying alive in a battle,(goldceo.com) though their capability to bring damage into the enemy's back ranks is a worthy tradeoff for this.

The Artilleryman is also an excellent choice for a main character class. The skills Deep Insight and Chaos Wind are quite deadly when pumped up completely with skill books, (goldceo.com)and an Artilleryman main is actually a pretty tough customer.

Additionally, stun AoE builds are some of the stronger PvP builds in late game PvP, and the Artilleryman is an excellent addition to such a build. A nonmain Artilleryman is much weaker than a main character Artilleryman, so it's absolutely worth consideration to make your main an Arty.

Atlantica Guild Points and Guild Experience

Here I will describe the difference between Atlantica Online Guild Points and Guild Experience.

Guild exp is used to level up your guild. Leveling up your guild has the following effects:

1. Your guild capacity increases, eventually up to 50.

2. You gain officer slots. You can have 1 officer for every 5 guild levels, up to a maximum of 5.

3. You gain the ability to enter guild dungeons at level 11.

4. Your guild becomes safe from deletion (provided someone logs in at least every 15 days) once you hit 16.

5. At level 50, you gain the guild buff. It starts at 1% to atk and workload, and gives an additional 1% every 10 levels after that. Unlike title buffs, the guild buff is always on. It also adds to any running title buff, making it very powerful if you can make it to the upper guild levels.

Guild points are essentially a special kind of guild currency. You can spend them to:

1. Bid on towns - this is where you'll likely be using the overwhelming majority of your points, unless of course you decide to sell GP instead.

2. Buy guild manuals - these allow you to transfer points to other guilds, a service which you'll of course charge a significant amount of Atlantica gold for.

3. Buy keys to run guild or nation dungeons.

Hope this help.Credit to Mwrip

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Exclusive Artilleryman's Guide


The artilleryman is a Rank D, or beginner level, ranged fighter that can damage several enemies in one attack with his hand held cannon. The artilleryman's starting magic, Deep Insight, reveals the remaining health of enemies in battle, allowing players to develop better strategies.

Official Description

Filling the air with gunpowder, the artilleryman can hit any target, along with those enemies unfortunate enough to be standing adjacent to the artilleryman's quarry.

Their cannon has high accuracy but low attack power. Although they're long range mercenaries, they have high HP.

Attack Type

The artilleryman can hit as many as four targets in a T formation. That is, his cannon blasts hit the target, the enemy behind the target, and one enemy on each side of the target. The ability to damage multiple enemies at once makes up for the low attack power of the artilleryman's cannons.

Deep Insight is a magic spell that deals a normal attack and reveals the HP of the targets of the blast. This skill is useful for determining which unit should attack which target next and prevents wasting the attack of a unit that is stronger than needed. Deep Insight lasts for two turns and requires two turns of cool down.

Attributes and Upgrades

The artilleryman starts with the highest strength (STR), vitality (VIT), defense (DEF), and magic defense (MAG DEF) of all Rank D ranged fighters. Players can upgrade him at level 20, 50, 80, and 100 with Ashen Jewels. As he progresses, the artilleryman will continue to have the highest STR among his rank D ranged peers, but his weapons will do less damage than those of an archer.

The high VIT and MAG DEF of the artilleryman are important because his average DEX means he cannot dodge many attacks. Additionally, the growth curve for the artilleryman's DEF is slow, meaning the Hero Napolean unit has the lowest DEF of any Rank D unit--even the magical units.

Exclusive Artilleryman's Strategy

Unless players choose an artilleryman as their main character, they won't be able to get them very early. Before level 20, players should be able to place artillerymen in the second row and even leave them exposed without much concern. After level 20 upgrades, the monsters the player faces and the other units available make the artilleryman a defensive liability. At that point, he must be behind at least one other unit if not on the back row for his safety.

Though their attacks are weaker than other ranged units on individual targets, the artilleryman's ability to damage a whole row in one attack should not be dismissed. Players can open with the artilleryman's attack and then finish with melee characters, If the artilleryman falls behind in XP, players can just proceed in the reverse order, letting the artilleryman get several kills (and higher XP) in one shot.

Having an entire row of artillerymen is not a horrible idea when fighting multiple enemies at once. However, an archer is a better choice of ranged fighters for single tough targets, such as bosses.

As Rank C units become available, the player gains access to cannoneers. In the end, cannoneers are slightly better than artillerymen and can stun enemies, but players may find that an upgraded artilleryman still has use and that the Deep Insight skill has value in some fights.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fighting Atlantica online's Boss Guide

Do you want to kill bosses in Atlantica online? Learn the following Fighting Boss Guide: Hope it can help you when you fight..

1st Boss "Dark Fairy" in Forest of Fairies for lv 1~12 ; I killed it at lv10

1) Very Easy Fight

2) There are monsters that keep revive others. Kill them first.

3) Focuse on 1 raw and freezed Boss's line, and kill the rest of monsters.

4) If you going for all Archer, just focus on Boss.

5) If you use scroll called Dark Magic Scroll twice, the monster get wiped out.

2nd Boss "Western Witch" in China Dungeon for lv13~21; I killed it at lv18

1) Very Easy Fight

2) Boss uses skill Heal.

3) Easy fight if you kill the Archers first.

3rd Boss "Dragon" in under sea castle for lv22~28; I killed it at lv24

1) Easy~Tough Fight

2) Boss uses strong wide range skill.

3) I started as using Silence Scroll. Main attacks with Swordman because these

monsters are weak against Fire element.

4th Boss "Naga Queen" in India Dungeon for lv29~36; I killed it at lv34

1) Easy~Tough Fight

2) Another Monster in Boss's Room. It can interupt during battle, or begins as Boss's

Party member. The fight gets difficult with 1vs2. Make sure attack the Boss when the

Monster is far away.

3) Another option is start the battle and use a scroll called Summon monster Scroll. As

long as it activate before the monster join Boss, it will join your party. The fight will be

easy after then.

5th Boss "Spider King" in Nest of Insects for lv37~43; I killed it at lv38

1) Easy~Tough Fight

2) Another Monster in Boss's Room. It can interupt during battle, or begins as Boss's

Party member. The fight gets difficult with 1vs2. Make sure attack the Boss when the

Monster is far away.

3) Another option is start the battle and use a scroll called Summon monster Scroll. As

long as it activate before the monster join Boss, it will join your party. The fight will be

easy after then.

6th Boss "Naraka" in Mohenjodaro's Grave for lv44~51; I killed it at lv43

1) Easy~Tough Fight

2) I let 3 Gunners to clear the middle raw, and then freezed 1st and 3rd line with Biking

and my Freeze skill.

3) I let Female Shaman cast Berserk on 2nd line for 3 Gunners.

4) Biking and I kept using Freeze on 1st and 3rd line.

5) Every monsters got wiped out by 3 Gunners at 5th turn.

7th Bosses "Elizabeth" and "Dracula" in Dracula's Castle for lv52~58; I killed them at lv52

"Elizabeth"; I killed her at 2nd try

1) Easy~Tough Fight

2) Remember: Do not use skill on "Elizabeth" because she get heal from it. Biking's

Freeze is OK as long as you use it for stun.

3) I used same strategy as 6th Boss "Naraka"

4) I also used Silence Scroll just in case.

"Dracula"; I killed him at 3rd try

1) Incredibly Tough: You just want to be lucky to defeat this guy.

2) There are monsters that keep revive each other. Make sure to kill them first.

3) I used same strategy as 6th Boss "Naraka". Left raw 1st line Biking and 2nd line Gunner

got killed instantly. Rest of 1st line two Sword man barely alived with Female Shaman's


4) Your choice of using Female Shaman's Beserk or not, but fucus on middle raw.

5) Only 1 Sword Man, 1 Gunner, 1 Female Shaman, 1 Monk, and I were alived after defeat the Boss "Dracula".

8th Boss "Minotaurus King" in Creta Maze for lv 59~64; I killed it at lv59 after 3rd try

1) Incredibly Tough: It uses Incredibly Strong Attack. Immune to Biking's Freeze skill.

2) You just need to be lucky. Praise to god for Boss won't use skill in 2nd or 3rd turn.

3) In my case, I used Beserk on 3 Gunners. They wiped out the monsters but they also got wiped out by the Boss.

4) Start from 1st line Biking, rest of 1st line member got wiped out, too.

5) I barely defeat this guy and only 1 Female Shaman, 1 Monk and I survived.

* I did not used any scroll on this fight, it would've been easier if I did.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The strategies of Free league

I just started doing free league in Atlantica Online and it is a lot of fun.Below are the strategies about the free league.If you are interested in it,just read now.

- monk and exos are very important in free league. Monks are made to keep your main alive and keeping your characters from being stunned and protects them from magic. Exos are for silencing spellcasters from either healing or doing AOE skills. Do Holy Guard and Mana Seal as much as possible.

- Every lineup must have a viking! You cant go wrong with their high def (but low magic def) and freezng axe!

- learn to switch your characters!

- good strategy always defeats good equips

More guide will be with you, please pay attention to us!

Musician's Skills guide

Here is a musician's skills guide.Musician is a new merc in Atlantica. I hope it is informative for all of you.


1. Melody of Madness, Assumed AOE

lvl, Damage, Defense -, "Repitition", Manacost

20 -320 (- 404) -417 (- 76) 0 305 (364)

40 -420 (- 724) -425 (- 104) 0 405 (484)

60 -520 (- 1044) -433 (- 132) 0 505 (604)

Repitition value remains 0, and I have no idea what it stands for.

2. Requiem: Confirmed 3 turn duration, 2 turn cooldown AoE spell, most likely will cancel out Deep Insight and Confusion Cannon

Level 20 - 228 damage, 720 DEF reduction, 192 ATK reduction, 135 mana cost

Level 40 - 368 damage, 1110 DEF reduction, 352 ATK reduction, 195 mana cost

Level 60 - 508 damage, 1500 DEF reduction, 512 ATK reduction, 255 mana cost

3. Melody of Ruin, Assumed to be AOE

lvl, damage, manacost

20 -328 (- 144) 135 (275)

40 -568 (- 264) 195 (475)

60 -808 (- 384) 255 (675)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Atlantica's New server is coming

Atlantica's 6th server has opened.,it is a good news for Atlantica online players,the
Server's Name is Delphi

Open Date : March 6, 2009 starting at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time

In new service,every player will receive a 120% experience boost, increased to 150% on weekends. In addition to the universal experience boost, players will have the opportunity to participate in:

• Level-up Race — More than 100 players will be receiving at least 500 Gcoins for reaching a designated level the fastest. The most fleet of foot player will be endowed with $100 worth of Atlantica gold — that’s 10,000 Gcoins — while the second place sprinter will earn $50 worth of Gcoins. The next 100 players all earn 500 Gcoins.

• Screenshot Contest — Players who submit the best screenshots will receive Gcoin prizes.

• Monster Hunts — Unique enemies will be spawned at various sites for players to battle and earn rewards.

• Treasure Hunts and Item Giveaways — Followers of Delphi will have more opportunities to find crystals and scroll boxes and receive other free in-game items.

• Quiz Room — Players who correctly answer the sage questions of the GMs will receive in-game prizes.

So with the Delphi server, you’ll have a great opportunity to create a Musician. Then level up quickly with all these bonuses and you can go crazy like a Maniac

Hope you like this new service and enjoy the new experience.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How to save Atlantica Gold

How to save money?Many players don't know that how to do it.Now I found several conserve money tips.please read up.Hope it's helpful to you.

Atlantica coins/shards raise in value over time. So unlike the actual bank, its the only thing in game that will actually pay you interest over time. Granted, that may be a very long time.

1.Always sell items in a city with a tax rate of 1%. If you are having trouble finding a 1% tax rate, just go to Rome. It's always 1% there.

2.Always withdraw and deposit Atlantica gold in a city with a 1% tax rate. Once again, Rome is always 1%.

3.Don't use ammunition on ranged characters in PvE.

4.Watch the prices of the items you want to buy and then buy them when they are low.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Atlantica: Newest characters and many new skills

What do you think of these? Just go through ^^

1. New Mercs: Musician and Berserker.

Musician hit as like spear(line attack): medium armor - specialized lowering enemy's def/ hp/ attack rate

Berseker hit as like viking(a row attack): heavy armor (player must have a char lv 100+ to create Berserker.)

2. New skills (Main characters)

sword: chaos blade-attack front 3 enemys(as like freezing axe) with flame sword, add 120% dmg to enemy with brutal will/ set will

spear: flame spear- x wide front attack as arty.

bow: rain of arrow- all area attack

gun: shot gun- x wide attack as arty but 120% more dmg with smoke bomb, deep insight, prophet magic.

axe: war's soul- when HP is lower than 50%, add more dmg(+ level 100 viking dmg)

cannon: chaos cannon-x wide attack with decreasing oppenent's def, attack, combo rate.

staff: flame strike- all area attack as powerful as meteo strike. but it hits 2x times instead once.


1. Atlantica Online player can change to musician from another class with cash item. but Berserker does not follow suit. Need to start from lv1 again and need all new merc and new inventory/ merc room slot. Cuz, berserker is B grade merc while rest main char are C grade.

2. With new main char skills, Staff is 1 league/ hunting char in Korea now. However, people are expecting Berserker will be 1 later. People are complaining about staff's 3 turn all area attack. With witch's meteo(4 turns)+ BT+ Cannon's deep insight + Main char's 3 turn flame strike, staff are more stronger than any other char.

3. The worst new skills for main are cannon and axe. Deep insight is still better than new skill.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to defeat Staff Mains in Atlantica

When you use a stun build,How to defeat Staff Mains in Atlantica?Many players don't know that.So I will give five tips to you.Hope it is helpful to you.

witch - sword - sword

exo - gun - gun

monk - sham - gun(main)

1. Dun go after the staff main first . go after units in order to stun them, then u take out the more vulnerable ones.

2. Priority - stun the monk

3. I'd switch the exo with a gun in midline - you will want to keep him alive as long as possible to pull as many stuns (and stop monk awakening).

4. Shaman switch with monk, or else a spear might just kill the monk when ur not looking. I'd pick monk over shaman anytime pvp.

5. The thing with staff mains is that they tend to enjoy more healing due to mdef, it is only after you destroy other sources of healing (e.g. monk, another shaman or oracle, or exo speedcast counts, despite the relatively puny heal), then you could 'safely' go after the main w/o the main happily healing away the dmg.