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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Atlantica: Newest characters and many new skills

What do you think of these? Just go through ^^

1. New Mercs: Musician and Berserker.

Musician hit as like spear(line attack): medium armor - specialized lowering enemy's def/ hp/ attack rate

Berseker hit as like viking(a row attack): heavy armor (player must have a char lv 100+ to create Berserker.)

2. New skills (Main characters)

sword: chaos blade-attack front 3 enemys(as like freezing axe) with flame sword, add 120% dmg to enemy with brutal will/ set will

spear: flame spear- x wide front attack as arty.

bow: rain of arrow- all area attack

gun: shot gun- x wide attack as arty but 120% more dmg with smoke bomb, deep insight, prophet magic.

axe: war's soul- when HP is lower than 50%, add more dmg(+ level 100 viking dmg)

cannon: chaos cannon-x wide attack with decreasing oppenent's def, attack, combo rate.

staff: flame strike- all area attack as powerful as meteo strike. but it hits 2x times instead once.


1. Atlantica Online player can change to musician from another class with cash item. but Berserker does not follow suit. Need to start from lv1 again and need all new merc and new inventory/ merc room slot. Cuz, berserker is B grade merc while rest main char are C grade.

2. With new main char skills, Staff is 1 league/ hunting char in Korea now. However, people are expecting Berserker will be 1 later. People are complaining about staff's 3 turn all area attack. With witch's meteo(4 turns)+ BT+ Cannon's deep insight + Main char's 3 turn flame strike, staff are more stronger than any other char.

3. The worst new skills for main are cannon and axe. Deep insight is still better than new skill.

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