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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Training Center in Atlantica

That can be fresh as you can be training in Atlantica. And here we provide a guide explan that, have a look as that can help you playing this game.
To start training in the Training Centre, first you need to be a member of a guild as that only guild members can start or join a Training Session. Then you need to be in a Town, and click on the Training Center button on the Town Info Window, then the Training Centre Window will apear. Access fee is based on your current level and the owners have set up base towns.
What you must note is that after the first person starts it as it is time based, all participating guild members must join the training centre right. If you fail to clear the current monsters before the time limit is up the Training Session will end, and any points you have gathered will be converted into Guild Points. Each time you clear the training centre new more powerful monsters will spawn and the timer will reset. The more times you clear the training centre the higher the amount of Guild Points your guild will earn.

Enhancing Guide for Atlantica

In Atlantica, at even higher levels (+7 or so), items you enchant will be 'sealed', with the numbers in red when you mouse over them. In this state, they can be sold, traded, and so on, but that is not used. Equipping the item will give a prompt about breaking the seal. Once you do so, you can use it, but no longer sell, trade, and so on. What will be sure is that enchanting again to the next level will re-seal, but not about all cases. At the max enchantment of +10, you no longer have to worry about Durability.
Also, there are currently PvP limitations on max bonus. This is currently +4. If you are really serious about PvP, you will probably end up spending significantly more money to keep upgrading your team's equipment to +4 of whatever your current level is equipment is. Still, do the numbers, try and upgrade the items that give you the most effectiveness for your gold first.

Atlantica Analysis to Build AoE Damage Spread

In Atlantica, this build has a main major goal, and that's to deal a large amount of damage over time to every single mercenary on an enemy's formation. It accomplishes this through the use of Meteor Strike, Beast Summon, Deep Insight, Smoke Bomb and Chaos Wind, all of which deal a really good amount of damage either on impact, or over time. It also uses Mana Seal and its 3 ranged units to focus-fire away on the initial counter presented by monks, and even uses the Viking's Freezing Axe to put a good amount of pressure and keeping an enemy formation from attacking.
The secondary goal of this build is control. With an Archer, Exorcist and two cannon-toting mercenaries, there's the potential for opening up the front or middle line early in the fight and then keeping any enemy Monks and healer mercenaries from acting, ever again. Silence or Mana Seal loops allow for Combo counts to go unchecked, which adds up in the favor of the two cannon users in this formation. Buy Atlantica Gold that can make you game more exciting.
Add to that a large amount of spread out damage over time, as well as Freezing Axe, and you have a team that can switch to complete enemy formation control when the time is right. And to top that all off, cannons spread out damage in a cross shape quite nicely as well. The real goal of this build, in the end, is to successfully balance these two play styles, to control the battlefield as well as rain heavy amounts of damage constantly throughout the fight.