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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Atlantica Analysis to Build AoE Damage Spread

In Atlantica, this build has a main major goal, and that's to deal a large amount of damage over time to every single mercenary on an enemy's formation. It accomplishes this through the use of Meteor Strike, Beast Summon, Deep Insight, Smoke Bomb and Chaos Wind, all of which deal a really good amount of damage either on impact, or over time. It also uses Mana Seal and its 3 ranged units to focus-fire away on the initial counter presented by monks, and even uses the Viking's Freezing Axe to put a good amount of pressure and keeping an enemy formation from attacking.
The secondary goal of this build is control. With an Archer, Exorcist and two cannon-toting mercenaries, there's the potential for opening up the front or middle line early in the fight and then keeping any enemy Monks and healer mercenaries from acting, ever again. Silence or Mana Seal loops allow for Combo counts to go unchecked, which adds up in the favor of the two cannon users in this formation. Buy Atlantica Gold that can make you game more exciting.
Add to that a large amount of spread out damage over time, as well as Freezing Axe, and you have a team that can switch to complete enemy formation control when the time is right. And to top that all off, cannons spread out damage in a cross shape quite nicely as well. The real goal of this build, in the end, is to successfully balance these two play styles, to control the battlefield as well as rain heavy amounts of damage constantly throughout the fight.


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