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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mecenary Overview Guides in Atlantica


Upgrades:Cannoneer > Cannon Ace lv20 > Cannon Master lv50 > Goemon lv80 > Hero Goemon lv100

Skills: Smoke Bomb

PvE: 7

PvP: 9

The more 'pvp rounded' version of the artilleryman. The cannoneer wields a cannon main hand and cannon balls offhand. His attack range is any non-flying merc in a cross pattern. He has overall higher stats than the artilleryman, while it's main difference lies in there skills. Smokebomb targets all enemy targets to reduce their accuracy while adding slight damage per turn. This is extremely useful in PvP due to the fact that it reduces all of your opponents characters ability to attack without missing. Mercenaries rely on combo rates + accuracy in order to dish out maximum physical damage. This also helps scrolls to go off from your team, another advantage. In PvE, the same effect applies, but the effect isnt as significant as in pvp. Mobs are generally easy to kill and the accuracy debuff is, more or less, pointless. The only use the cannoneer would have in pve is his ability to target multiple targets.

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