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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Swordsman of Atlantica Mercenary selection

Mercenary selection will be split into two sections; a general overview of why you should or shouldn't choose the mercenaries available until level 51 and also a cookie cutter leveling guide. Good and bad mercenaries to level with until.

Heavy armour users: All heavy armor users and all mains can be placed in the front line of almost every build. That being said, you will need at minimum 2, ideally 3 (since you ideally don't want you main in the front line in many cases) heavy armour users by level 50.

Swordsman: This is in my opinion the worst mercenary in the game. While his high HP will keep your other mercenaries alive, he damages only one enemy and has no useful special abilities. While other heavy armour users can't take a beating quite as well as a swordsman, they can take enough of a beating to survive any battle from level 1-100.

The other heavy armour users have much better basic attacks and special abilities than the swordsman. Remember, while you are leveling you want to kill fast and a swordsman does not help in this regard at all. At much higher levels (100+) you may need mercenaries who can survive as well as a swordsman, but by that point you will have access to better versions of the Swordsman.

Don't worry though, the Sword main hero is just fine because having your main die means you automatically lose the battle so it is never a bad thing to have a main with tons of hit points and defense. The only time we would even consider taking a Swordsman is if I really badly need him for a formation for low level PvP such as if we wanted to make a turtle Free League team.

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