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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Making a newbie guide in Atlantica

Light Armour/Staff users: All staff users use magic and thus should be kept in the back where they can't be silenced as easily by certain skills. They die really easily too so should never be kept in the front row.

Shaman: The shaman heals you. You probably need a healer and only one healer so you will almost certainly take one shaman in the early game as soon as you can get her at level 10. She can cast a spell which makes you lose control of a row of your mercs in exchange for greater damage which while not always great for PvP, is awesome against PvE bosses. Finally, she can sacrifice her life to heal your entire party which is an ability best used for PvP.

Monk: Take a monk. PvE and especially PvP you will be sorry if you didn't. Really, I mean it, unless you know this game well and have very specific plans that do not include a monk you need him. You'll need him more at higher levels than lower levels but you still need to level him some time. He removes stun and negative effects from you mercs. He also passively heals your main hero every turn.

Witch: You can only ever have one in your formation and she is obtainable at level 51. She is the only mercenary who flies. The witch is absolute total area of effect devastation with a massive AOE meteor attack... if she ever gets to use her spell that is. It takes her 4 turns to cast her meteor and by that time, most of the enemies are probably already dead. The spell also becomes much weaker in the late game when PvE enemies tend to have very high magic resistance. She has some nice utility spells though like the ability to burn away enemy mana and damage them or replenish the mana of your other mercs.

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