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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ranged Armor Guide for Atlantica Players

Bow: Average HP and Defense, the archer is best not used in the front lines. Although their attack only hits one target, it hits hard and hits any enemy no matter where they are in a formation, even if they are flying. They can also prevent enemies from casting magic, a very useful ability.

Gun: Average HP and Defense, a gunner can hit 3 enemies in a column with high damage. A very offensive hero. Canon: Average HP and Defense. A canon can do fair damage to 5 enemies in a cross pattern. They also have an ability called Deep Insight which can eventually hit all enemies, shows their HP and lowers their defense.

Musician: The musician is a ranged armour user with fairly well rounded stats. While his defense and hp are fairly good, it is usually best not to put him in the front of your formation. His true power lays in his special ability Raveging Melody. This ability first hits one row of enemies, then 5 in a cross pattern at level 20.

And finally all the enemies at level 50. RM puts a strong DoT on the enemies that not only does fair damage, but also makes the enemies considerably weaker. This makes the Musician great for players who want to level quickly. One disadvantage is that the Musician always hits multiple targets and kills very often so he tends to go up in levels too much faster than your mercenaries.

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