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Friday, December 21, 2012

Usfine Christmas and New Year Promotion is Here!

Usfine Christmas and New Year Promotion is Here!

Hey All! How time flies! Another Christmas and New Year has come! Usfine has prepared a lot of gifts and surprises for you. Now lets check the details of Usfine Xmas and New Year Promotion as Below:

Promotion Time
2012.12.20 – 2013.1.10 PST

Promotion Details
Runescape Gold
During the promotion, if one of your orders reaches:
100M - Upgrade to VIP1 Directly
199M - Get Extra Free 10M + VIP1
499M - Get Extra Free 30M + VIP2
999M - Get Extra Free 100M + VIP3
Accumulated Purcahse: 1000M - Get Extra Free 50M + VIP 3
Customers whose total purchase reach $1000 can get a Santa Hat for free.
Customers who have order history before June, 2012 Can Gets Another 5M runescape gold For Free once placing an order during the promotion. Please note one customer only has one chance to get this 5M during the promotion.
VIP1 Can Enjoy 1% lifelong discount for all orders
VIP2 Can Enjoy 2% lifelong discount for all orders
VIP3 Can Enjoy 3% lifelong discount for all orders
VIP Discounts can be used with coupons together
VIP Discounts can be also used on special deals products
Buy gold in Special Deals page or Auctions can not enjoy free extra stuffs
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Runescape Items
On Usfine Sprcial Deals Page
Santa Hats are On Sale with No Profit Every day
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Runescape Accounts
RS Account All 10% OFF
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Guild Wars 2 Gold
Buy 200 in One Order - Get Extra 5 For Free + VIP1
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Buy 1000 in One Order - Get Extra 50 For Free + VIP3
The Promotion Covers Both US and EU Servers
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Diablo 3 Gold
Buy 200M in One Order - Get Extra 5M For Free + VIP1
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Other Events

Shopping Points
Shopping points will be Double during the promotion!

Shopping Points Exchange
All Products in Points Exchange Store will be 20% OFF During the Promotion.
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Lucky Draw Chances
If you place an order during the promotion, you will get 1 lucky draw chance once the order is delivered. One order = One chance.
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Refer Friends to Get 10% Commission
If you refer friends to buy, you will get 10% commission from all their orders in the future. You just need to sign up our Make Money Plan and then ask your friends to input your "Make Money Plan Registered Email" as introducer when they buy. Then our system will culculate your commission automatically. You can login your Make Money Plan Account to check your commission at any time!
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If you have any questions about the Christmas and New Year Promotion, please feel free to contact our 24/7 Livechat or email at sellhelp@gmail.com.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Training Center in Atlantica

That can be fresh as you can be training in Atlantica. And here we provide a guide explan that, have a look as that can help you playing this game.
To start training in the Training Centre, first you need to be a member of a guild as that only guild members can start or join a Training Session. Then you need to be in a Town, and click on the Training Center button on the Town Info Window, then the Training Centre Window will apear. Access fee is based on your current level and the owners have set up base towns.
What you must note is that after the first person starts it as it is time based, all participating guild members must join the training centre right. If you fail to clear the current monsters before the time limit is up the Training Session will end, and any points you have gathered will be converted into Guild Points. Each time you clear the training centre new more powerful monsters will spawn and the timer will reset. The more times you clear the training centre the higher the amount of Guild Points your guild will earn.

Enhancing Guide for Atlantica

In Atlantica, at even higher levels (+7 or so), items you enchant will be 'sealed', with the numbers in red when you mouse over them. In this state, they can be sold, traded, and so on, but that is not used. Equipping the item will give a prompt about breaking the seal. Once you do so, you can use it, but no longer sell, trade, and so on. What will be sure is that enchanting again to the next level will re-seal, but not about all cases. At the max enchantment of +10, you no longer have to worry about Durability.
Also, there are currently PvP limitations on max bonus. This is currently +4. If you are really serious about PvP, you will probably end up spending significantly more money to keep upgrading your team's equipment to +4 of whatever your current level is equipment is. Still, do the numbers, try and upgrade the items that give you the most effectiveness for your gold first.