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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mecenary Overview Guides in Atlantica


Upgrades:Cannoneer > Cannon Ace lv20 > Cannon Master lv50 > Goemon lv80 > Hero Goemon lv100

Skills: Smoke Bomb

PvE: 7

PvP: 9

The more 'pvp rounded' version of the artilleryman. The cannoneer wields a cannon main hand and cannon balls offhand. His attack range is any non-flying merc in a cross pattern. He has overall higher stats than the artilleryman, while it's main difference lies in there skills. Smokebomb targets all enemy targets to reduce their accuracy while adding slight damage per turn. This is extremely useful in PvP due to the fact that it reduces all of your opponents characters ability to attack without missing. Mercenaries rely on combo rates + accuracy in order to dish out maximum physical damage. This also helps scrolls to go off from your team, another advantage. In PvE, the same effect applies, but the effect isnt as significant as in pvp. Mobs are generally easy to kill and the accuracy debuff is, more or less, pointless. The only use the cannoneer would have in pve is his ability to target multiple targets.

Making a newbie guide in Atlantica

Light Armour/Staff users: All staff users use magic and thus should be kept in the back where they can't be silenced as easily by certain skills. They die really easily too so should never be kept in the front row.

Shaman: The shaman heals you. You probably need a healer and only one healer so you will almost certainly take one shaman in the early game as soon as you can get her at level 10. She can cast a spell which makes you lose control of a row of your mercs in exchange for greater damage which while not always great for PvP, is awesome against PvE bosses. Finally, she can sacrifice her life to heal your entire party which is an ability best used for PvP.

Monk: Take a monk. PvE and especially PvP you will be sorry if you didn't. Really, I mean it, unless you know this game well and have very specific plans that do not include a monk you need him. You'll need him more at higher levels than lower levels but you still need to level him some time. He removes stun and negative effects from you mercs. He also passively heals your main hero every turn.

Witch: You can only ever have one in your formation and she is obtainable at level 51. She is the only mercenary who flies. The witch is absolute total area of effect devastation with a massive AOE meteor attack... if she ever gets to use her spell that is. It takes her 4 turns to cast her meteor and by that time, most of the enemies are probably already dead. The spell also becomes much weaker in the late game when PvE enemies tend to have very high magic resistance. She has some nice utility spells though like the ability to burn away enemy mana and damage them or replenish the mana of your other mercs.

Atlantica Viking Meleer and PvP Powerhouse

In fact, Vikings have an assortment of abilities which make them almost indispensible in the early-to-mid levels(Atlantica powerleveling) of Atlantica Online. While they are not as tough defensively as the Swordsman, they do have the ability to dish out some serious damage on their opponents with their standard attack, and they are a decent tank in their own right in the early levels. Their keystone ability however is the magical attack Freezing Axe, which applies both a multiple-round damage-over-time effect, as well as immobilizing the units in the row on which Freezing Axe is cast.

These abilities make the Viking a very good choice for your party in the early game, but ultimately the Viking's low magic defense causes him to be greatly outclassed by other mercenaries in the late game. Vikings are too easy to kill in the late game, but in the early-to-mid game they are a good addition to most any build.

In addition, the Axeman class is essentially the main character version of the Viking. If you choose for your main to be an Axeman, he will have the same abilities as the Viking, but with good magical defense. This makes for a very tough and dynamic main. Axemen and Artillerymen are currently the main character in almost every current winning build in high-end PvP.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Atlantica Healing in High-End PvP

This is one another place you are really interested to see some people's opinions. 2 Monks allows your main to tank very effectively, by utilizing both protect and SoP. Two monks also make scroll use fairly unnecessary. Two monk's will lack the healing that the shaman and oracle have, so you will almost be required to use a passive healer also. Another important thing to note here, which is foreshadowed early on, is how much vitality and defense goes up in high levels. While Shaman and Oracles are very effective in the mid levels as they can heal for half a bar of health, at high levels they will only heal about a third of a bar.

Since scrolls are often too expensive or a burden for people, you could be exploring this option more when you could level up a second monk to a useable level. You should hear any feedback from others who have done this.

Atlantica Spearman Stastical Strengths and Weaknesses

The Spearman really can deal out a fairly high amount of damage, particularly if he gets in several strikes in a single attack. His Attack Power is substantial enough that it's likely that you'll get at least 2 strikes per attack from your Spearman. However, true tanking mercenaries like the Swordsman or other class C mercenaries like the Lady Knight, Spartan, or Beast Tamer will have little trouble withstanding the Spearman's attacks.

Here you can get cheap Atlantica Gold. On the other hand, the weakness of the Spearman is his low defensive abilities, which could make the class not worth including in your party. The Spearman is a melee mercenary, and one of the most important roles of melee mercenaries is to be on the front lines, blocking damage and preventing your defensively weaker but offensively more powerful mercenaries in the back ranks from being in danger. While the Spearman is able to deal out pretty good damage, if you have him on the front lines, there's a good chance that he'll die with a couple of rounds of focused attacks by the enemy, which then creates a substantial hole for the opponent to use to wreak havoc on your back rank units.

You could put the Spearman in a rank further back behind a true tanking merc to alleviate this, but those spots are better filled by the offensively more powerful mercenaries, such as the Gunner, Artilleryman, and Archer, or mercenaries with other sorts of usefulness, such as the Shaman and Monk. Having a mercenary in your back ranks whose only capability is attacking the front ranks of your opponent is not the best tactical situation - it leads to one-dimensional options in battle, giving your opponent more sure-fire strategies to use to ultimately finish off your entire party.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Swordsman of Atlantica Mercenary selection

Mercenary selection will be split into two sections; a general overview of why you should or shouldn't choose the mercenaries available until level 51 and also a cookie cutter leveling guide. Good and bad mercenaries to level with until.

Heavy armour users: All heavy armor users and all mains can be placed in the front line of almost every build. That being said, you will need at minimum 2, ideally 3 (since you ideally don't want you main in the front line in many cases) heavy armour users by level 50.

Swordsman: This is in my opinion the worst mercenary in the game. While his high HP will keep your other mercenaries alive, he damages only one enemy and has no useful special abilities. While other heavy armour users can't take a beating quite as well as a swordsman, they can take enough of a beating to survive any battle from level 1-100.

The other heavy armour users have much better basic attacks and special abilities than the swordsman. Remember, while you are leveling you want to kill fast and a swordsman does not help in this regard at all. At much higher levels (100+) you may need mercenaries who can survive as well as a swordsman, but by that point you will have access to better versions of the Swordsman.

Don't worry though, the Sword main hero is just fine because having your main die means you automatically lose the battle so it is never a bad thing to have a main with tons of hit points and defense. The only time we would even consider taking a Swordsman is if I really badly need him for a formation for low level PvP such as if we wanted to make a turtle Free League team.

Atlantica Guide: Heavy Armor Users

Spear: HP and Defense are both high, but not quite as high as a swordsman. Spear users do just as fine in the front row as Axe users. A spear user's basic attacks hits two enemies in a column. It also has two special attacks, flame spear which simply does more damage than the regular attacks, and lightening spear which causes the enemy to not act as often.

Axe: HP and Defense are both high, but not quite as high as a swordsman. Axe users do fairly well in the front line of your formation. Their basic attack is much better than that of a swordsman as it can hit an entire row of enemies in one attack. Axe users also have a very deadly ability that traps a row of enemies in ice.

Sword: The toughest to kill Hero with high HP and Defense. It is the only hero who can use a shield and is very well suited to take a lot of hits in the front of your formation. His biggest disadvantage is the fact that his basic and magic attacks only hits one target in the front, but it does hit hard.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ranged Armor Guide for Atlantica Players

Bow: Average HP and Defense, the archer is best not used in the front lines. Although their attack only hits one target, it hits hard and hits any enemy no matter where they are in a formation, even if they are flying. They can also prevent enemies from casting magic, a very useful ability.

Gun: Average HP and Defense, a gunner can hit 3 enemies in a column with high damage. A very offensive hero. Canon: Average HP and Defense. A canon can do fair damage to 5 enemies in a cross pattern. They also have an ability called Deep Insight which can eventually hit all enemies, shows their HP and lowers their defense.

Musician: The musician is a ranged armour user with fairly well rounded stats. While his defense and hp are fairly good, it is usually best not to put him in the front of your formation. His true power lays in his special ability Raveging Melody. This ability first hits one row of enemies, then 5 in a cross pattern at level 20.

And finally all the enemies at level 50. RM puts a strong DoT on the enemies that not only does fair damage, but also makes the enemies considerably weaker. This makes the Musician great for players who want to level quickly. One disadvantage is that the Musician always hits multiple targets and kills very often so he tends to go up in levels too much faster than your mercenaries.

Gothic and EMO outfit Guide in Atlantica

There is a new outfit or costume in their item mall and it looks like very EMO to us and as usual before you get the gothic outfit and gothic hat you need to have a luck for this one because this Hugin's Commitment is also and will give random items.

Here's the list if you happen to up Hugin's Commitment, and you'll get one of these following items: 1 Gothic Outfit. 1 Gothic Hat. 100 Scroll of Judgement (IV). 1 Mount Box.

1 Ancient Skill Book (Merc. Only) (Non-tradable). 10 Skill Decrease Book. 8 Scroll of Bewitching (IV). 12 Scroll of Life's Blessing (IV).

12 Scroll of Resurrection (IV). 12 Scroll of Judgement (IV). 12 Freezing Scroll (IV). 50 Dragon Crystal. 50 Giant Crystal.

50 Redemption Crystal. 50 Phoenix Crystal. 30 Ambrosia. 1 Hugin's Commitment. 2 Hugin's Commitment. 3 Hugin's Commitment.