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Friday, October 9, 2009

Atlantica Healing in High-End PvP

This is one another place you are really interested to see some people's opinions. 2 Monks allows your main to tank very effectively, by utilizing both protect and SoP. Two monks also make scroll use fairly unnecessary. Two monk's will lack the healing that the shaman and oracle have, so you will almost be required to use a passive healer also. Another important thing to note here, which is foreshadowed early on, is how much vitality and defense goes up in high levels. While Shaman and Oracles are very effective in the mid levels as they can heal for half a bar of health, at high levels they will only heal about a third of a bar.

Since scrolls are often too expensive or a burden for people, you could be exploring this option more when you could level up a second monk to a useable level. You should hear any feedback from others who have done this.

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