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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gothic and EMO outfit Guide in Atlantica

There is a new outfit or costume in their item mall and it looks like very EMO to us and as usual before you get the gothic outfit and gothic hat you need to have a luck for this one because this Hugin's Commitment is also and will give random items.

Here's the list if you happen to up Hugin's Commitment, and you'll get one of these following items: 1 Gothic Outfit. 1 Gothic Hat. 100 Scroll of Judgement (IV). 1 Mount Box.

1 Ancient Skill Book (Merc. Only) (Non-tradable). 10 Skill Decrease Book. 8 Scroll of Bewitching (IV). 12 Scroll of Life's Blessing (IV).

12 Scroll of Resurrection (IV). 12 Scroll of Judgement (IV). 12 Freezing Scroll (IV). 50 Dragon Crystal. 50 Giant Crystal.

50 Redemption Crystal. 50 Phoenix Crystal. 30 Ambrosia. 1 Hugin's Commitment. 2 Hugin's Commitment. 3 Hugin's Commitment.

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