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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Atlantica Class guide

1. Player character


The Swordsman has the best survivability of all classes, which makes him the natural tank class. His attack is rather strong, but it can only affect a single non-flying target in the front row, so he should not be solely relied upon for offense. The Swordsman's basic magic skill, Flame Sword, attacks one enemy for a greater amount of damage.


The Spearman can attack a single non-flying foe in the front row. If there is another foe in the same column directly behind the target, that foe also receives damage, although half of the original target. The Spearman's basic magic skill, Lightning Spear, attacks two foes in a line for greater damage and slows them. At higher upgrade level, Lightning Spear hits up to 3 targets in the column. Aside from the damage from Lightning Spear, it's greatest strength is that it actually removes action points from the receiving targets.


The slow-moving Viking can attack a single target in the front row. If that target has one or two neighbors in the same row, then those also take some damage. This character has many hit points but low defense, especially versus magic - but this weakness is made up via high magic defense gear that is only usable by the main character. This is one of the primary reasons why the Axe is by far the most popular choice of main character. Because they are so much better than their mercenary counterpart. The Viking's basic magic skill, Freezing Axe, can freeze an entire row of enemies for two turns (depending on level).


Despite bonuses to evasion, this character's low health make it unsuitable for the front line. It is a potent counter for enemy spell casters though, as the powerful single-target attack can reach every foe, regardless of its position in the enemy ranks. The Archer's basic magic skill, Silence, prevents the enemy from using magic.


The Gunner wields a gun and carries rather low protection. This character can damage an entire column of foes, with foes in the front absorbing taking most of the damage and half damage to the two behind. The Gunner's basic magic skill, Wild Shot, shoots especially powerful bullets at a column of enemies and deals greater damage.


The Artilleryman is armed with a hand-held cannon. Its standard attack damages a cross-shaped area, dealing a low amount of damage. The Artilleryman's basic magic skill, Deep Insight, inflicts damage over an area and enables him to see his foe's remaining hit points. One important thing to notice is that even through the Artilleryman is a ranged unit, they cannot damage flying enemies.


The Shaman has both healing and damaging skills to support the party. Due to low health and defense, this character is best placed away from the front line. The Shaman's basic magic spell, Blessing of Life, heals her fellow mercenaries. The skill that makes the Staff shine is the main-character-only skill: Evanescent Scud. It does a very large amount of damage to everyone on opposing team and has a low cooldown period.


The Musician has mostly ranged skills. This is a new type of character introduced with a recent patch. Its basic attack affects a column of enemy mobs but the class also has the ability to cast spells with various offensive effects.

Power saw

The Power saw character uses a power saw. This is a new type of character introduced with a recent patch. You have to have at least one playable character that has a level of 100 or over to be able to create a new character which uses this weapon.

2. Mercenaries

Mercenary classes include the following:

Sword: Swordsman, Exorcist, Lady Knight, Sailor

Staff: Shaman, Monk, Oracle, Witch, Princess, Elementalist

Axe: Viking, Beast Trainer

Spear: Spearman, Spartan

Gun: Gunner, Inventor, Janissary

Cannon: Artilleryman, Cannoneer

As with player characters, the weapon determines the basic attack. Additionally, the sub-classes differ in the distribution of attributes and available magic skills.

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