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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Exclusive Artilleryman's Guide


The artilleryman is a Rank D, or beginner level, ranged fighter that can damage several enemies in one attack with his hand held cannon. The artilleryman's starting magic, Deep Insight, reveals the remaining health of enemies in battle, allowing players to develop better strategies.

Official Description

Filling the air with gunpowder, the artilleryman can hit any target, along with those enemies unfortunate enough to be standing adjacent to the artilleryman's quarry.

Their cannon has high accuracy but low attack power. Although they're long range mercenaries, they have high HP.

Attack Type

The artilleryman can hit as many as four targets in a T formation. That is, his cannon blasts hit the target, the enemy behind the target, and one enemy on each side of the target. The ability to damage multiple enemies at once makes up for the low attack power of the artilleryman's cannons.

Deep Insight is a magic spell that deals a normal attack and reveals the HP of the targets of the blast. This skill is useful for determining which unit should attack which target next and prevents wasting the attack of a unit that is stronger than needed. Deep Insight lasts for two turns and requires two turns of cool down.

Attributes and Upgrades

The artilleryman starts with the highest strength (STR), vitality (VIT), defense (DEF), and magic defense (MAG DEF) of all Rank D ranged fighters. Players can upgrade him at level 20, 50, 80, and 100 with Ashen Jewels. As he progresses, the artilleryman will continue to have the highest STR among his rank D ranged peers, but his weapons will do less damage than those of an archer.

The high VIT and MAG DEF of the artilleryman are important because his average DEX means he cannot dodge many attacks. Additionally, the growth curve for the artilleryman's DEF is slow, meaning the Hero Napolean unit has the lowest DEF of any Rank D unit--even the magical units.

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