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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Atlantica's New server is coming

Atlantica's 6th server has opened.,it is a good news for Atlantica online players,the
Server's Name is Delphi

Open Date : March 6, 2009 starting at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time

In new service,every player will receive a 120% experience boost, increased to 150% on weekends. In addition to the universal experience boost, players will have the opportunity to participate in:

• Level-up Race — More than 100 players will be receiving at least 500 Gcoins for reaching a designated level the fastest. The most fleet of foot player will be endowed with $100 worth of Atlantica gold — that’s 10,000 Gcoins — while the second place sprinter will earn $50 worth of Gcoins. The next 100 players all earn 500 Gcoins.

• Screenshot Contest — Players who submit the best screenshots will receive Gcoin prizes.

• Monster Hunts — Unique enemies will be spawned at various sites for players to battle and earn rewards.

• Treasure Hunts and Item Giveaways — Followers of Delphi will have more opportunities to find crystals and scroll boxes and receive other free in-game items.

• Quiz Room — Players who correctly answer the sage questions of the GMs will receive in-game prizes.

So with the Delphi server, you’ll have a great opportunity to create a Musician. Then level up quickly with all these bonuses and you can go crazy like a Maniac

Hope you like this new service and enjoy the new experience.

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