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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to defeat Staff Mains in Atlantica

When you use a stun build,How to defeat Staff Mains in Atlantica?Many players don't know that.So I will give five tips to you.Hope it is helpful to you.

witch - sword - sword

exo - gun - gun

monk - sham - gun(main)

1. Dun go after the staff main first . go after units in order to stun them, then u take out the more vulnerable ones.

2. Priority - stun the monk

3. I'd switch the exo with a gun in midline - you will want to keep him alive as long as possible to pull as many stuns (and stop monk awakening).

4. Shaman switch with monk, or else a spear might just kill the monk when ur not looking. I'd pick monk over shaman anytime pvp.

5. The thing with staff mains is that they tend to enjoy more healing due to mdef, it is only after you destroy other sources of healing (e.g. monk, another shaman or oracle, or exo speedcast counts, despite the relatively puny heal), then you could 'safely' go after the main w/o the main happily healing away the dmg.

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