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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Atlantica Guild Points and Guild Experience

Here I will describe the difference between Atlantica Online Guild Points and Guild Experience.

Guild exp is used to level up your guild. Leveling up your guild has the following effects:

1. Your guild capacity increases, eventually up to 50.

2. You gain officer slots. You can have 1 officer for every 5 guild levels, up to a maximum of 5.

3. You gain the ability to enter guild dungeons at level 11.

4. Your guild becomes safe from deletion (provided someone logs in at least every 15 days) once you hit 16.

5. At level 50, you gain the guild buff. It starts at 1% to atk and workload, and gives an additional 1% every 10 levels after that. Unlike title buffs, the guild buff is always on. It also adds to any running title buff, making it very powerful if you can make it to the upper guild levels.

Guild points are essentially a special kind of guild currency. You can spend them to:

1. Bid on towns - this is where you'll likely be using the overwhelming majority of your points, unless of course you decide to sell GP instead.

2. Buy guild manuals - these allow you to transfer points to other guilds, a service which you'll of course charge a significant amount of Atlantica gold for.

3. Buy keys to run guild or nation dungeons.

Hope this help.Credit to Mwrip

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