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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Exclusive Artilleryman's Strategy

Unless players choose an artilleryman as their main character, they won't be able to get them very early. Before level 20, players should be able to place artillerymen in the second row and even leave them exposed without much concern. After level 20 upgrades, the monsters the player faces and the other units available make the artilleryman a defensive liability. At that point, he must be behind at least one other unit if not on the back row for his safety.

Though their attacks are weaker than other ranged units on individual targets, the artilleryman's ability to damage a whole row in one attack should not be dismissed. Players can open with the artilleryman's attack and then finish with melee characters, If the artilleryman falls behind in XP, players can just proceed in the reverse order, letting the artilleryman get several kills (and higher XP) in one shot.

Having an entire row of artillerymen is not a horrible idea when fighting multiple enemies at once. However, an archer is a better choice of ranged fighters for single tough targets, such as bosses.

As Rank C units become available, the player gains access to cannoneers. In the end, cannoneers are slightly better than artillerymen and can stun enemies, but players may find that an upgraded artilleryman still has use and that the Deep Insight skill has value in some fights.

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