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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Atlantica Online Guild Guide

You can make a guild at level 20. (Guild Office on any town) pay 50k (Put a name that people are going to like)

1. Recruiting: you can invite by clicking on the community scroll and then guild a invite with a space for the name of player you would like to invite.

2. Leveling your Guild: Your guild will level up as you do guild quest and other factors as getting experience and guild crafting.

3. Officers: you can have officers up to 5 and one Chief Officer you gain access to this every 5 levels and at 20 you get Chief Officer.
Officers can do guild craft, take from guild craft and also recruit by inviting, Chief can do all this plus withdraw.

4. Level 20 you can start having guild meetings, Guild meetings are no other than meeting at specific time specific place all the people from guild . That meet there will receive 1 friendship box every 10 minutes for the hour period that the meeting. So 6 Max.

5. Level 30 you can start a Nation

6. Level 50 you start getting buffs from guild.

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