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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How to save Atlantica Gold

How to save money?Many players don't know that how to do it.Now I found several conserve money tips.please read up.Hope it's helpful to you.

Atlantica coins/shards raise in value over time. So unlike the actual bank, its the only thing in game that will actually pay you interest over time. Granted, that may be a very long time.

1.Always sell items in a city with a tax rate of 1%. If you are having trouble finding a 1% tax rate, just go to Rome. It's always 1% there.

2.Always withdraw and deposit Atlantica gold in a city with a 1% tax rate. Once again, Rome is always 1%.

3.Don't use ammunition on ranged characters in PvE.

4.Watch the prices of the items you want to buy and then buy them when they are low.

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