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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Training Center in Atlantica

That can be fresh as you can be training in Atlantica. And here we provide a guide explan that, have a look as that can help you playing this game.
To start training in the Training Centre, first you need to be a member of a guild as that only guild members can start or join a Training Session. Then you need to be in a Town, and click on the Training Center button on the Town Info Window, then the Training Centre Window will apear. Access fee is based on your current level and the owners have set up base towns.
What you must note is that after the first person starts it as it is time based, all participating guild members must join the training centre right. If you fail to clear the current monsters before the time limit is up the Training Session will end, and any points you have gathered will be converted into Guild Points. Each time you clear the training centre new more powerful monsters will spawn and the timer will reset. The more times you clear the training centre the higher the amount of Guild Points your guild will earn.

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