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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Atlantica Archer Guide

The archer is a Rank D, or beginner level, ranged fighter that can deal heavy damage to a single enemy. The archer's starting magic, Silence, prevents enemies from casting spells for a short time.

Official Description

With their eagle-like vision, archers can hit any given target in the enemy ranks.

They can only attack one opponent at a time, but they deliver serious damage from a long distance.

They're agile and have a high chance of dodging attacks, but they have relatively low HP and defense.

Attack Type

The can hit any one target on the battle field with her bow. The high damage rating of her weapons means she will be able to cause major harm to the target the player chooses.

Silence is a magic spell stops the target from casting spells for a short while. Thus, the player is forced to choose between dealing heavy damage in the hopes of killing the foe or casting Silence to prevent allied units from taking spell damage. Silence lasts two turns and requires three turns before it can be used again, so it is impossible to keep an enemy from casting spells with just one archer.

Attributes and Upgrades

The archer starts with the highest dexterity (DEX) and intelligence (INT) of all Rank D ranged fighters. Players can upgrade her at level 20, 50, 80, and 100 with Ashen Jewels. As she progresses, the archer will continue to have the highest DEX among her rank D ranged peers, but her powerful weapons will do more damage than those of an artilleryman or gunner.

The high DEX of the archer allow her to dodge many attacks. It is important that she dodge as many as possible because her defense is only better than the artilleryman's among Rank D units. Her VIT is the worst among non-magical Rank D units, meaning her HP are low, too.

The Silence spell prevents an enemy from casting spells for short time.


Archers should never be in the front row because of their poor defense and low HP. Be careful to keep a unit in front of them so that they are not exposed to any melee attacks. Their high DEX can help them dodge less accurate ranged attacks, but be prepared to heal them when they get hit by any kind of attack.

The real value of an archer lies in her strong attacks, as she can often wipe out an enemy with lower defense in one attack. Also, her Silence spell can keep pesky enemy casters from hurting allied units.

Having more than one archer can pay off against single tough targets, such as bosses, but they are not the most efficient against multiple foes. Usually, one archer is plenty for a squad.

As Rank C units become available, the player gains access to prophets, a sort of ranged/caster hybrid. They are not exactly apples to apples, but prophets end up better in every attribute except DEX, and they have magics that can take some of the punch out of enemy magic as well. The archer's Silence spell is very versatile, but the tougher prophets make the better choice at higher levels.

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