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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Best tip for the Forest of Spirits quests' Boss fights in the beginning

Just give your backliners the Vortex Scrolls, use them in the 2nd turn (all you can) so it will instantly kill all the Non_boss Monsters for you so you just have to fight against the boss which is damaged too.

And before bosses get immune to stun and freeze, you can just normal attack them and so stun them (making them 2 turns unable to do anything) or use the Freezing Axe to freeze them.

All in all this makes the Bosses a piece of cake and you can kill the Fairy a lot earlier and without problems.

For the Formation:

Its recommended to have tanks in front to survive, especially if the enemies get harder and you have to fight 3 mobs at once (in shadow dungeons), so its good to have 2 swords at the beginning as they will have naturally more def and get -50% from enemie Flame Swords.

With that in mind you should have a formation like:

Sword - Sword
X - X
Y - Y

Until you get 7 mercs you just need this 2 lines as it have the most from your tanks.

For the equipment boxes:

THe beg boxes will give you items you "need" so if you just have melee Characters you will only get Melee Items, so its more easy to upgrade and get what you need.

The same for the book boxes you just get books for your classes in Beg Boxes, so if you have 20 flame sword on all your swordies you dont get anymore flame sword books, this is good to know as it will easy help you to max the skills you need and if you make this before having a Shaman (which badly has more skills) you can easy get the Growth Vials.

If all Skills are 20/60 you have you will only get Growth Vials [beg] out of the Book Boxes, so you can easy get all you need.

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