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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trading books for millions

This is pretty easy, and most people in the game know about it, but some don't.

There is an NPC named Goncourt, who will exchange a skill book that you give him + 1000 gold, and in return give you either a modern, medieval, or ancient book box. Modern book boxes contain [beg] books, medieval contain [int] and ancient contain [adv] books. These books can be a book for *any skill* in the game.

So the trick is to grab yourself about 500k worth of gold, go and buy up all the cheapest [beg] books you can 300-400 should do to begin with, and then ask around to find Goncourt or go to Livingstone outside of Bucharest.

Once you have found Goncourt just start trading him books. Do not open any of the modern book boxes until you have about 300-400 of them saved up. Open up any of the modern or ancient book boxes. Depending on the books you get, you either trade these back in, or keep them for yourself or selling. With a little luck, you will have millions a day from doing nothing but clicking.

I'm on macedon server, and some of the high selling [int] and [adv] books are:

Light Slash [adv] - 700k

Meteor Storm [adv] - 500k

Beast Summon [adv] - 700k

Ice Ridge Axe [adv] - 700k

Deep Insight [adv] - 350k

The list goes on, but just check the market before hand to find out which are the high sellers and keep them, or keep them for your own mercs and save bundles on gold. As you can see, just one of those books pretty much recoups any loss you took from the start. Ancient book boxes have about a 15% chance to be obtained from exchanging, so 300 books gives ~45 ancient book boxes. Some books are horribly cheap and just need to be traded back, but some of the ones above can net humongous gains.

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