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Monday, March 23, 2009

The magic systems of Atlantica online

As the main character's initial attributes low, can't transfer property to increase, so many beginner feel that their chosen the wrong hero. In fact, all the same job, not to wear 80 rings before the special characters, a single brush of the main characters will find themselves in the line-up is weak.

The gun for the big reasons is not because of the artillery has the advantage (because if those reasons, the proposal is really a training or employment guns, a number of special circumstances can not-for-soldiers) but the characters ring dedicated to increase attacks , 80 characters can be two ring +343 attack, as there are 75 additional strength and agility, 25, the actual results up to two 450 attacks. 100 +5 and artillery attack was 924. . One can imagine that the protagonist of employment compared with the man, is the overwhelming advantage.

By the same token there will be the same as in the magic systems of the body, the magic systems of the protagonist than the Witch and more powerful. The protagonist is the status of the glory, the supreme and unshakable. Even the upcoming weather division, her skills can not go beyond the light of Rush, even if she is a B-class, not to mention the C-class Shen Guan and the Witch. So be sure not to drop you choose to give up easily, especially magic players, the latter group to be a good magic system is too difficult.

In a copy of the National Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum, with the magic systems of leading portfolio of skills to meet the 3600-3800 harm. Every time the distribution of the ranks of trade unions, and that a couple of amazing perseverance of the 100 + magic is always the most sought-after.

Even if you talk to give up magic, not discrimination magic, the next time a copy of the priority we all find it too brought the magic systems of friends, to accompany her to practice on 100, be it in the future 3 VS 3, tasks, under a copy of her you are Life can rely on trusted comrades-in-arms that can be relied upon, partner.

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