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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Earning millions Atlantica gold with Fishing

This Guide is about How to Earning millions Atlantica gold with Fishing?

So as a follow up, if you are lazy like me or don't have a lot of time to go chasing goncourt around, you can invest your money into fishing, and although it might not provide *as much* per day, you get the gold while sleeping.

This is quite easy once you have some startup funds. Begin by leveling your fishing craft skill and also action craft skill. In order to make the most of this and save yourself gold on the back end, leveling tool, machine, and crystal will also help, but not until the later levels of fishing.

In order to begin making bamboo fishing rods, your fishing craft will need to be 10 or higher, and your fishing action 1 or higher. Fishing craft allows you to make better baits/poles which give more profitable fish and a better catch %. While fishing action determines what poles baits you can use.


Bamboo poles with spoiled bait. Bamboo poles have about a 50% catch rate, so if you use 2000 spoiled bait, you should end up with ~1000 fish. Now spoiled bait only lets you catch prussian carp and mackerel. Carp are worth 1-3 fishing points, and mackerel are worth 2-6.

Again fishing action determines what baits/poles you can use, however you can still make gold overnight with just fishing action 1. The list is

Action 1: Bamboo/Spoiled

Action 30: Maple/Crude

Action 50: Iron/Mediocre

Action 80: Mithril/Good

Action 100: Adamantium/Best

So now to the good parts, craft up about 100 of whatever rods you choose to use or can use, and I use about 2000 bait. Get your fishing action to 1 or whatever level you want it, and make a little trip to Hainan Island. It's right outside the town of Hanoi. Walk to a spot with water, press v, hit the auto key, and start fishing!

Fishing is quite tedious and is best done while afk, hence why I suggest doing this while you sleep. Wake up or keep fishing if you have to work like me :p

When you decide to finish fishing, go over to Albert on Hainan island and trade in your fish to him. He will give you a certain number of points, it seems totally random between the allowed points for each fish. Take these points and head to Pointry in Rome.

This is where the $$ comes into play. Check your market before trading in points. Again on Macedon I buy either still beating hearts or gilgamesh sword shards. If buying sword shards, make sure they are at least double the price of the hearts, as they cost 200 points instead of 100. So trade in your points, list them on the market, and be on your way again as you earn gold.

On a good night if I don't disconnect during the night for some reason >.> I usually walk away with 10000-22000 fishing points, which leads to 5-9 million. The costs of bait and poles are just a fraction of that.

And again, this isn't the fastest or most efficient way of making gold, but it does do it while you sleep^^

Combine this with Goncourt-ing during the day and fishing during the night, your bank account will be very happy with you.

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