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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Atlantica Quest craft

So i thought making a list of quest asking for a craft would be good, feel free to add some :

Mohenjotaro Quest

2x Ring of Intelligence

Angkor Wat Quest

1x Ring of Vitality

3x Spirit Armor

Raise Armor to Level 3


Doll Coghweel

Ring lvl 30

30 multi hued crystal shard


Special Beaker

Babylon Hanging Gardens

Hanging gardens map

Raise med to lvl 7

Valley Of Kings

Shining Crystal Marble

Sunken Machine Shrine

Power Bead


Fish stew

Ring lvl 80

5 multi hued jewels shard

Shogun Castle Of Death

Raise bow to lvl 9

Tips : dismantle 3 amon bow and you have enough xp for lvl 9

Inventor quest

Large lemon drop


Heart of darkness


Fish stew

Training whip


3xAroma base (you need 150)

Mithrill Alloy

Sturdy Quill

Red Aroma Base

Lady Knight

Shield mold of legend


Magic patchwork

Artifact holder

Clairvoyant crystal ball

Mithril Alloy

Wooden Club


Siege Ladder

Special Gunpowder

Kebab Seasoning

Special Ink

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