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Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to earn million atlantica golds each day!

When we play in atlantica online,so we just want to we have been rich,so how to get more atlantica gold by ourself?

1. Step: Go to an town [Does not matter which one]

2. Step: Go to market

3. Step: Buy up to 300 Material boxes

4. Step: Open every Material boxes

5. Step: Sell every item inside those boxes on market

You will get very much money in no time. I get around 5 million+ profit each day.

Note: Box opening got an limit by 300 and it will be reset at 6:00 AM and it will also reset when your main character gets a level up.

PM me when you found out anything else, so I can edit and give YOU the credit.

The Box Limit is more or less non existing as you can give it to another account (per email) with low lvl account also.

Greetz EnTrap

PS: Please leave a yay or thanks here. Thank you.

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