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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Atlantica Partying Guide

The party feature in Atlantica is one of the best i have seen in most MMO games. You not only don’t get penalized by being in a party but you gain bonus exp and items from it. You may have up to 3 party members at any one time during your journey through Atlantica to do quests, grinding, and other venterous activities. During Nation wars you can have alot more members in party and it will get pretty crazy!

Atlantica Partying Guide

To invite someone to a party you can double click their name from your friends list and click the party icon in the whisper window. If you have not completed a party you will get a dialog box that pops up and asks you what type of loot type you want. Don’t cheat your group or friends and make sure that you set it to random unless you are doing a quest where your friend needs to pick up a certain item setting the looting to a different type would be acceptable.

The other way to invite someone to a party is to right click on the person that is near you and a small menu will pop up near them with different actions that you can perform. You can click party from this menu and all you have to do is wait for the other person to confirm the request. I personally recommend partying the majority of the time when playing Atlantica. It makes going through quests a breeze and you have someone to chat with while you do it. The only time you cannot party is some quests require that you kill on your own. An example of these types of quests would be killing Hellish Fairy or kill the Sea Palace King.

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