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Monday, March 16, 2009

Atlantica's Newbies Advices

1-map out whole world(you must start at sapporo coz no enjoyment if you start from harbin, hanyang and pusan

2-get all 3 infos asap- well when you get 3 stars info(basic, location, and items) you get many double item and you will see like

Healing potion low 3x1(+1)

3) hex of darkness is not useful and also breakdown

4) there is a npc at calcutta which gives alot of money everytime you answer correctly

5)take part in free league in middle or end 20

6) farm ashen crystal for sake of urself

7) ask around if that item needed to be buy or not coz someone said who drops dogwood fruit and then someone replied market... hell no if you got margo family infos you get a good drop

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