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Friday, March 13, 2009

Atlantica Bots - Botting Program 1 Amazing!

This is a Updated Version of my Atlantica Auto-Battle-Bot and i thought it would be a good idea to make a Threat for it to discuss it "Evolution".

Everyone that wants to try it out, you better read the Readme.txt to get the best Setup.

Out of my Readme:


- Added more Pixelsearch to better keep the status of "Combat" or "Outside of Combat".

- Added a pixelsearch in combat for the green timer to check if its the players turn

- Changed most "fix" sleeps to "Random" sleeps to make the bot safer

- Added a "ToggleCamera" function that will automatically adjust the camera in battle

- Added a check if Atlantica Window is active, if not the programm will close itself to prevent it from going wild on your desktop

What i still want to add is a "Auto-Sit" after each combat so you can regain life automatically, and it would be great if i could get the shaman to heal the group if needed, but Pixelsearching the red life in the bottom is pretty nasty and than it makes problems to target the right character with the spell.

So right now the bot can easy grind mobs which nearly dont damage you, so its best against enemies that are dead in 1 or 2 attack rows.

Some bugs still exist and im trying to fix them, they include the camera outside of combat, which sometimes strangely zoomes in a very bad position and the code can't recover from it that easy (but will if it gets enough time, unless its a very bad deadlock).

Newest version -


Older Versions -


It's an autoIt script written using color detection and the least amount of memory value analysis possible to make it all work. It works but it's not good. A good bot should control the game beneath the GUI or falsely make the client think that the GUI is being used as well as read stuff from memory and not rely on color values.

This bot requires you run in a specific resolution with specific graphics settings. It's a script more than a bot. I looked over the AutoIt code because I'm fairly familar with the language (see scripts I've written for other games).. The speed hack that comes with it I have yet to test.

For all of my criticism there isn't a lot else out there that is very robust. It's free and you get what you pay for.