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Monday, March 30, 2009

Atlantica Online guide: Musician guide

Well hello there! Welcome to my blog. Here I found a guide for Musician's Skills. If you have any?trouble with this, just go through this article.

The beginning skill: -150def, -10atk, -26health for 2 turns (3 turn cooldown) is looking decent and be able to counter an opposing prophet nicely in terms for their damage boost.

You're also classified as staff (high base damage, high mdef, weapon on +vit/+int) while being allowed to use ranged gear like bow/cannon/gun.

Thats where it ended.

You need an activation to trigger concentrate, which is passive, and don't trigger twice on -health and need to sacrifice your main slot for it.

In order to counter all healing from a prophet (their main goal) you'd still need another aoe, which kinda removes the benefit.

Any 2 aoe's can do that but you'd be able to pick the options yourself.

Their 2nd skill (and here's the hilarious part) is terrible compared to the main one.

It's -100def, 1% accuracy (why would i want to BUFF my OPPONENT?!) and -56hp and again row based.

Why is it terrible? less -def/atk for more damage is a good thing! Well, for pvp you only get to target 1, one, merc with it. Not a row, column or entire part... just 1. You get to affect a single target, and in order to debuff it you increase its damage output.

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