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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some Atlantica's betting experience

Some Atlantica's betting experience for you,lol

1. Don't bet on the favourites all the time. I like to say its 40% formation, 60% dumbass AI.

2. note who does better on certain formations. e.g. cleo tends to do better if she has a potential seth will line (however, that does not guarantee win), the more ranged units, the better beatrice does...its not random, arena formations selected from a range of formations. Watch carefully, and after a while, you'll see a couple of repeats here and there.

3. sometimes, when betting on higher dividends, remember, 1 win from those can cover a whole day of losses. e.g. I once betted on jeane, she won, I get 500k, when I simply betted 50k. Or chuk yeon, she wins, I get abt 259k. I just bet 50k per bet.

4. Nobody is a sure-fire win. just gotta cross your fingers at times. And HEDGE your bets. Bet at least 1 winner from the first 4, 1 winner from the other 4. if you feel confident, bet those 2 meeting in the finals. But remember, look at the lowest div, and do not bet on too many winners. that means as long as just ONE bet comes true, the money u earn makes up for the other bets that didn't make it.

5. first place, in my opinion (erm, disagree if u may, but dun flame me), is the easiest to bet. assuming all 8 are equally dumb, that gives 12.5% chance per winner. if raph features, split his 12.5% among the other 7.

*just joking* pray that the big winners whose names pop out when they win mega bucks post here and think abt helping u.

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