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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Farming Atlantica Gold Spot

How to choose a farming spots?It is very important to Atlantica players.A good farming spot where will get gold and items easily.The farming tips as follows:

1) The gear you need to run through the level 50 quests is the gear you got in the level 35 quests. The gear you need to run through the level 60 quests, is the gear you got in the level 50 quests. It is true that you will not get everything from drops, but you can buy some item by Atlantica gold, but you do not need to worry about having all level 50 gear as soon as you turn level 50 (you should try to have almost all level 50 stuff when you turn 60,Atlantica powerleveling service on our website)

2) Enchanting gear is fine, but not vital. I usually have very few +3 pieces, a few +2 pieces, several +1, and several with no enchantment. I recommend only enchanting when you get a matched drop or if you happen to see a "good" price for something. The level 80 and 90 gear is even harder to come by then the lower level stuff, but so far in the early 90s I am getting by fine with the level 80 gear and am slowly switching out into the level 90 stuff.

3) I do agree that occasional "farming" for practice and fun is helpful, not just to learn the game but also for some gold. I always spend some extra time on a few mobs every level range, just because I find something that drops something I want or because I find they are a bit harder than others and I want to learn why and how to deal with them. I have not had to do any excessive farming, and the farming I have done was always entertaining to me and occasionally lucrative.

4) I find its a good idea to try to make as many friends in game as possible. This gives you a welcome supply of people to trade monster information with as well as crafting skills (if you decide to craft). Monster info has tangible in game benefits that are not negligible. You also may be able to call on them for aid from time to time when teaming can make the game easier and/or more fun.

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