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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Atlantica Market Money Making

This Guide is about Atlantica Market Money Making,I hope you can like it!

Now what I'm going to discuss is something most of you might know but this is for the people who don't.

The market or "stock market" is a place where people buy and sell things. One method of making some money is obvious: buy low and sell high.

Now most of you may think: ok so 2 books [beg] of silence on the market: 1 is 2000 and the other is 2500, I buy the one for 2000 and sell it for 2300, and make 2300 - 2023 (the 23 for tax) = 277gold.

Yes this works and it works exponentially (meaning that you can buy something for 700k and sell for 750k) making 42500gold. Seems not to bee too much...right. Exactly.

Now, if people did that all the time it would be useless.

Let's take a look at the following scenario:

Lightning Spear [Beg]

Price Quantity

2000 1

2100 1

2200 1

2300 1

2400 1

2500 3

3000 4

4500 380

A trick for this is buy everything up to the person selling 380 books.

and put them at 4200. Let's calculate total profit.

Expenses: 30500

Revenue: (4200 x 12) = 50400

Tax: 504

Profit: 19396 = 38%

Ok, so this is with Lightning Spear [Beg] books.

Imagine with [Int] books and [Adv] books.

It doesn't even have to be books, it can be items, gems, anything.

On to the next trick. If you want to sell something, it's best to place it under the person selling a lot of that item (e.g. 380 books from before), when I say under I mean your price is less than theirs but only by a bit.

However the item must be something that sells relatively fast so you don't end up losing potential profit or worse, spending more than you paid.

So how do you tell when something is "hot" on the market. Well, again using books (since that's how I make my money now), look through the different ones and their prices, price isn't important.

What is important though is QUANTITY. If you see a lot of that item, like a number of people selling...approaching 20-30 players and more it's popular since people are always selling. If you see only 8 total items for example, it usually means that the item doesn't sell or sells very slowly.

This guide is just a simple way to make your money work for you and in the end, the "stock" market is never one hundred percent predictable.

Feel free to add anything to this guide you find is relevant.

Thanks for reading,

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