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Friday, March 13, 2009

Atlantica Bots - Botting Program 2

This site has a 2 hour botting limit on its software. I know someone is working on it but still here you go.


Actually, the bot is nice. it does almost everything, but...

1 - I join a F2P game coz i don't like monthly fees (i'm agree on buying original games, u have to support the developers).

2 - i've little to 0 time to play on labor days.

3 - i went to coinmmo and ask for the bot price (coz point 2, but, frankly, i was curious).

4 - OMG

buy 1 bot ID , 1X19.99$ a month

buy 2 bot IDs at a time, 2X18.99$ a month

buy 3 bot IDS at a time, 3X17.99$ a month

buy 4 bot IDs at a time, 4X16.99$ a month

buy 5 bot IDs at a time, 5X15.99$ a month

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