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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Atlantica Town Statistics Guide


Monthly Income = Current population *16

That's it. Income is SOLELY based on population. Neither commerce nor industry contribute to income.


Satisfaction is the average of the 5 contributing factors (commerce, industry, culture, health, and security). The contributing factors are capped at 100.

The contributing factors for satisfaction are calculated by

(current point value)/(population/1,000)

EX: London has 209,135 population and 820/845 commerce

820/(209135/10000) = 39.2


The two important factors with Food are Farms and Storage.

Every March and September, the Storage is filled to the limit of your farms.

Every month except March and September, food equal to (population/1,000) is removed from Storage

If there is not enough food at the start of a month, the city will not pay its taxes.

**There is no point having more farms than storage. You get no benefit.**

**If you demolish your warehouse, the current food is NOT destroyed, but no new food is added to the stockpile**


Population leaves town = 100 - satisfaction rate, but never less than 10.

Higher satisfaction rate means less people leave town and you have a better chance at increasing population.

Speculation - an immigrant is generated from your town every time an immigrant is generated/recruited to come to your town. (needs verification)

Speculation - the higher your satisfaction, the more likely an immigrant will be created with your town as the destination. (needs verification)

Speculation - immigrants appear to be generated in waves game-daily (every 48 minutes)

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