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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Atlantica Town Population

Town Population

There are some great benefits to owning a town. You can get extra gold, exp for your mercs and other great benefits. Once you obtain your town you can buy buildings with guild funds or from a guild officers own pocket. But a good number of guild points can be achieved by steadily growing your population of npc characters for your town. There are problems with keeping your recruited population in your town but that is discussed in other guides.

A great way to increase your towns population is to recruit wandering npc characters that wander the roads all through the world. You cannot recruit wandering mercenaries only npcs for example: porter, wandering girl, old man, and some others.

Find an wandering npc……

Atlantica Town Population

Now double click them to persuade….

Atlantica Town Population

Sometimes you can get gifts for persuading villagers and some aren’t that bad either….

There is an effective way to recruit wandering villies and get your population growing fast. Make sure that you are recruiting villagers close to your town so that they can reach your town quickly and reduces the chance that someone from another guild town persuades them to move to their town instead. If you are recruiting villager far away from your town there is zero chance they will reach their destination without being snagged.

Its hard to get your whole guild involved in this, our guild usually just teleported to the town when bored or taking a break and then persuaded villagers. This is probably the best way to do it unless you are a guild member volunteers their time to persuade villies day and night. If you have multiple PC’s you can leave a noob character on the outskirts of the town to persuade while you are grinding away on your main character.

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