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Friday, March 13, 2009

Atlantica Exploit - Using Commodity Box for your own Profit

Well as far as boxes go in Atlantica, the results are told to be totally random. Well that is not actually the case.

For example, when you first start the game, where you undergo the 3 fairy quests, you get 1 spirit weapon box. If you have 3 mercs like archer/sword/sword at that case, you won't get a spear or a staff, gun etc. It'll give you what you can use at that stage.

Carrying that thought forward it is possible to exploit the random chances of most boxes. I have not yet tried this with other boxes, so I'll just give what I have discovered on Commodity Boxes. It is better explained with examples so here I go.

Let's assume you have 3 Mercs again: spearman, sword, and shaman. And let's assume they're lvl 10, which grants them 9 skill points to use(They all start with a lvl 1 skill). Now we know Commodity Boxes on beginner level give basic beginner skills and growth vials. What I mean by basic beginner skills is that they don't give Chaos Wind or Guard Dispel for example.

Now how this works is, if I teach lvl 10 Blessing of Life at shaman and lvl 10 Lightning Spear on spearman, leaving them with 0 skill points each, while the swordman has 9 unused skill points and lvl 1 in Flaming Sword which he had from the start when you recruited him. Now when I open a Commodity Box of beginner quality, what happens is that I either get a Flaming Sword (beg) book, or a growth vial (beg). I can open 100 boxes and the results won't change. I'll always get a flaming sword book or a growth vial, always.

You may think, Ok this sounds helpful but it's not that great, beginner books don't even cost that much, but let's continue.

I'll show a second case before we move further.

If you use the skill points of both swordman and spearman and leave shaman with free skill points, you'll get 4 results when you open the commodity box. Growth vial, blessing of life AND hex of darkness AND brutal will. That's because commodity box (beg) offers 3 different shaman skills. I'm just telling this because I don't want you to be surprised when you try this exploit on shaman hoping to get only blessing of life.

So basically, if you can alter the results to your own benefit, you can get some profit from it.

When I first discovered this, flaming sword book costes were really high at the market, like 4.5k each. And each commodity box was 500gold. That's like 4k profit for a right click. For a beginner, that's a lot of money in just 100 right clicks.

Carrying the thought even further, imagine you do this at Lvl 40+ with Commodity box of advanced level where some books cost 700k each. Yes, that's right, you can stop searching for goncourt and try this for a change.,

Be wary tho as a commodity box of higher level can give more than 1 book for a single kind of merc like on my previous example of the shaman (yes that's the reason I gave that example)

I have not yet tried this on Commodity Boxes of higher quality because I'm kind of new to the game, but I've proven that it works 100% with (beg) quality.

And yet again, I've not been able to work this off with the book boxes I got from Goncourt. So that's why the title says Commodity Box, not just any box.

Thanks for reading and I'm sorry that this is my first guide ever and kind of disorganised, probably including language errors since english isn't my main language. Still, I wish this will be helpful for some. Just try to not mess up with the market much


  1. this does not work with higher level commodity boxes.

  2. this doesn't work with higher level commodity boxes

  3. besides is much harder to get INT commodity boxes and higher so really not a good idea