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Friday, March 27, 2009

Atlantica Online: Rules and Regulations of Free Leagues

Hi everyone there! What are the free leagues? What is the rule and the regulation? Some new players may kept wondering that. Now here is a introuduce for you. Just go through and have fun in atlanticagold.blogspot.com.

1. There are eight competitions per day (every 3 hours) that last 90 minutes, and players can start registering 10 minutes before each competition begins, and still register up to 15 minutes before each competition ends. Each battle lasts 9 minutes.
Rules and Regulations of Free Leagues

2. When a Free League starts at the designated hour, the system will automatically generate a match between players at the same skill level

3. New matches will be generated automatically as players complete a match. Matches stop generating 10 minutes before the league is scheduled to end.

4. Each Free League will last for 90 minutes, and if a player withdraws from the competition, that player will not be able to compete for the next 15 minutes.

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